Tuesday, 15 January 2013

As Fotolia Buys Wilogo, Does Spec Work Beat Microstock?

Since Getty bought iStock in 2006 for $50 million, we?ve been used to seeing stock giants snapping up their smaller rivals. At least one of those smaller rivals, though, is also expanding through acquisition. Fotolia, one of the leading microstock sites, has now paid an undisclosed sum for Wilogo, a crowdsourced design firm. Fotolia isn?t [...]

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Canoeing Greenbo Lake State Park in Kentucky...with two little stinkpots...

Cool temps and autumn color made this canoein
Last weekend, Rick, Matty and I, my parents, and my brother, sister-in-law and niece headed southeast for an autumn adventure at Greenbo Lake State Park in Kentucky.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Eastern Sierra

A photo of the Sierra Nevada mountains from B
A View of the Sierras from Bishop, California I took a trip to the Eastern Sierras recently to shoot fall colors.� I had planned to go since some time in the summer, but I learned of a three-day weekend trip being led by Dave Henry, one of Canon?s Explorers of Light, which was scheduled for the time I planned to be there.

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Red Squirrels at the BWC

Image Thumbnail
Visiting with the squirrels at the British Wildlife Centre. Photographing a squirrel running at full tilt along the top of the fencing is much harder then photographing a cat jumping over a log, and I never quite managed to get it right.

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Autumn is slowly arriving............................................ along the River Weaver

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Most of my local trees are still green at the momentso during a lovely boat trip yesterday it was lovely to see the banks of my local river the Weaver at Acton Bridge looking quite autumnal.

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Tree Creeper Certhia familiaris Scottish Borders

I haven’t seen the tree creeper for some time, and thought it must have come to grief at the hands of a predator. So, I was quite surprised to see it in my garden this afternoon. I grabbed my camera … Continue reading

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Not in a rush anymore

For quite a while I was in a rush. A panic, motivated, rush, to see, shoot, get, photograph, share. I'm not anymore. It took about 4-5 years of that before it really changed.
Fall Colors

So, what was previously a daily task of posting an image, something hopefully grabbing, something cool, is now a weekly, or monthly, or who knows task. I really no longer feel a drive to share. I feel a drive to try to take good images. But not to share, not to 'feed the machine' or keep 'posting to flickr daily'.

I don't know that I am shooting any less. Maybe slightly here or there, but I'm still trying to get out and could be shooting 100's a day, nearly a couple thousand over a weekend when I am at it.

The photo in this post is a foliage shot from Vermont taken a couple years ago. I did not post anything from this trip prior to today.

One of the things I've hoped to do is to shoot during an event, a season, and then share just prior to it when it happens again, say a year or two later. This is now one of those things, I waited about 23 months to finally post some foliage images.

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