Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ethiopian Wolf Project

I am excited to announce that I am embarking on a new conservation project to raise awareness and support for the world?s most endangered canine, the Ethiopian wolf. It is estimated that less than 500 wolves remain in the wild today, and this number is falling rapidly. Introduced diseases from domestic dogs, isolation of gene [...]


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Osprey update June 30, 2011

I haven't been to visit "my" nest in a couple weeks. Last I checked the 3 chicks were doing well.


I visited tonight and was met with a sad sight. One of the 3 osprey died, and is still in the nest.


The chick in the background was really bothered by the situation, just looking at its sibling that wouldn't move any more. And it bothered me too.

I couldn't tell what the cause was for sure until I got home and reviewed the images closely, but I had a suspicion. I thought maybe a hook from a snagged fishing line had managed to be eaten by the osprey. But it appears that the osprey chick got tangled in the line and died from that.

There wasn't much to do, but I reported it to someone that can hopefully get a visit from someone that can remove the dead bird.

And to be expected, mom was still mom, and yipped a couple times. And dad came by with a fish, circled a few times, and then delivered a fish. And then mom fed the (2) chicks.

Life goes on. / Jon


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Horned Puffin

Horned Puffin, near Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. I wanted to keep sharing brown bear photos, but figured I better mix it up a bit – plus, we did photograph other things beside bears last week, including a black bear, bald eagles and horned and tufted puffin. These birds are so cute and colorful – [...]


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Bird of the Week ? Week 83 ? Rock kestrel

Rock kestrel used to be considered a sub-species of the Common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), but on the basis of recent genetic findings it is now considered to be a separate species.� As the classification of birds goes, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence and is likely to become more so as further genetic studies are completed, [...]


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Morning Sunrise

I headed over to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens one morning for a brisk walk. The sun was about to rise, and a beautiful scene was set up before me. The incoming clouds taking over the bare blue sky.

The beautiful sunrise...

Reflection of clouds in the water. It looked like a painting!


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Paid Reportage Photography for Beginners

Photography: Enze Dal Verme For many photographers, creating images doesn?t get more enjoyable or important than reportage. It?s the world of the photojournalist, the jetsetting professional shooting around the world to create stories and bring back pictures of events, people and places that are rarely seen. It?s a combination of exploration, exposition and artistry that [...]


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Photography Workshops for Profit, Travel and Inspiration

Photography: Doug Beasley Everyone seems to be doing workshops these days, says Doug Beasley, a former fashion, advertising and commercial photographer who now specializes in fine art projects. With a living as a photographer increasingly hard to come by, teaching enthusiasts and professionals has come to look like both a lucrative way to supplement commissions [...]


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Hide and Seek - Cape May NJ


My plan to hide a bit and have hawks or falcons land near my at the beach in Cape May worked.

I managed to get a handful of shots of this kestrel eating a dragonfly.

Kestrel Eating

Quite Skittish - American Kestrel Eating Dragonfly

And this Video: / Jon


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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Painted Ladies

Image Thumbnail
During sunny periods yesterday, I saw my second and third Painted Lady butterflies of the year; again amongst the dunes at the top of Swansea Beach. I had gone down there looking for birds (although I didn't manage any decent photos of them), so I had to press my 500mm lens (with extension tubes to allow it to focus close enough) into action for this shot, as the butterfly rested on the sea-wall when clouds pulled overhead: I tried a different approach here, coupling a 50mm f/1.


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Understanding the Difference Between SmugMug and Flickr

Image courtesy: SmugMug When Flickr announced its deal with Getty, allowing members to license their images through the stock giant, reactions were mixed. On the one hand, there was a feeling that it was about time. Photographers had been negotiating individual deals with image buyers keen to use their creativity for years but making those [...]


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How Photographers Can Benefit from Christmas

Photography: alice popkorn As the Christmas countdown continues, stores and businesses are moving into high gear to cash in on the shopping spree. For photographers too, the holiday represents an important opportunity not just to fill stockings with new lenses, light meters and other gifted gear but to produce images that match the demand of [...]


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Fishing Bear and Traveling Ron

Brown bear with a red salmon, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. I hadn’t planned on photographing more bears this week, but a video assignment found me in the middle of bear country not too far from my home in Seward on Wednesday.�� This is an image from that day.� The fishing was good and the salmon everywhere.� [...]


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Photography Schools See the Web as Main Driver of Job Growth

Photography: lubright There?s never been a worse time to be a photographer. Newspapers are cutting staff. Prices are dropping through the floor. Rights are being reduced and the only part of the industry that?s showing signs of growth are the competition. There?s also never been a better time to be a photographer. The price of [...]


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Alaska Bear Photo Tours

A brown bear and bald eagle both watch for salmon during this years bear photo tour - Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Well I have some bad news, and good news regarding next years Alaska Bear and Puffin Photo Tour. The bad news was – we have a tentative person interested in our final spot [...]


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Night Hunt

I went out for a short night hunt in the frontyard one cool night. I was expecting to find many nocturnal creatures I had yet to see, but it turned out the hunt was a rather boring one. All I managed to find were a couple of common critters. Like this katydid.

And a Two-Tailed Spider with two small legs and 6 long ones.

And nasty mosquitoes that made me wish I never went out at that point of time!

And, well, the big resident frog, who apparently was getting stung by four mosquitoes at once on his face. Zoom in and try to spot the mozzies!

I decided to retreat back indoors because of the mosquitoes.


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Calam�n a ras de agua

Hola a tod@s. Una entrada con el Calam�n ( Porphyrio porphyrio ) como protagonista. �s esta una especie a la que he tenido la fortuna de fotografiar en otras ocasiones, pero jam�s la hab�a conseguido una imagen de ella "a ras del agua", desliz�ndose por la l�mina de agua de una laguna.


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Monday, 29 August 2011

Chincoteague NWR, Fall 2010


A couple weeks ago I had my most productive visit to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.

The thing that set the visit apart was the morning encounters I had with some herons and egrets.

Egrets on OrangeSome Light

Golden Snowy

Color and good light makes normal things special, and great things extra special.

I've taken lots of heron and egret photos but really just about none when there was such magical light. Two things combined - the sun was rising behind me a bit, and there was a touch of fall foliage in front of me. The two combined to bathe these birds in light and color.

MondayCatch and Release

Half a Great Egret, and a Full Snowy Egret

Shooting at Chincoteague can be a little tough, mostly because lots of people go there, and they are often tourist types that see someone or some thing and stop and all get out at once. On the day I got these shots that happened a couple times and I left and came back hoping the birds that all flew away would come back - and it sort of worked.

While there I also saw the roughly 1000 snow geese, and a few skimmers, hawks, falcons and some shovelers and other ducks... / Jon


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Intense birding in West Virginia

I returned home from the New River Birding and Nature Festival 3 days ago, but I'm still adjusting my brain and my internal clock to "the real world." Over the next week or so I'll roll out posts that detail what kinds of things I saw and heard there, but right now I have to try to put into words the essence of the festival before it all slips away and seems like a dream.

At the encouragement of my friend Nina, I signed up for the full week-long deluxe package, which included lodging in a wonderful little cabin in the woods at Opossum Creak Retreat, 3 meals a day, birding by day and presentations each evening after dinner. That week was total immersion in birds, botany and natural history. Put another way, as quoted on the New River Festival website, it's a week of "birding, ecology, friendship and fun."

I've never been to a birding festival before, but I think the bar has now been set pretty high for any future bird outings that I might go to. They really take care of you at the New River Festival. For one thing, having your meals provided for you is a huge convenience that I didn't appreciate until I came home and realized that I had to go back to fixing my own meals. This may sound silly, but it's just part of what lets you devote ALL of your attention to birding - someone else worries about all of the logistics for you (a HUGE thanks goes out to Dave Pollard for that - thanks, Dave!), while you just sit back and enjoy the birds. A bus drives you to the designated trip locations, lunch comes with you, and you have access to the guides basically from dawn till dusk. Groups are kept small, with a ratio of approximately 10 guests per guide, for maximum learning potential. Have a target bird in mind? Let the guides know, and they will do their best to get it for you.

Morning comes early, with communal breakfast at 6:00, and then you're on the road by 6:45. I had to laugh some mornings when I would look at my watch to see it was only 10:00 or so, thinking to myself, "Wow, I've been birding for 3 hours already!" Most trips would return by 2:00, giving you a few hours of down time in the afternoon, but there were a few day-long trips available that kept participants out until 8:00 or 9:00 at night (including dinner, of course). It was intense, to say the least. We were all a little loopy by the end of the week, I think, due to lack of sleep, but the intensity was worth it. I was speaking to someone on one of the trips about time I spent in France as a college student, where I was immersed in the language and the culture for a handful of months. This birding trip was not terribly unlike my time in Paris. It was full-on immersion into the world of bird behavior and bird song, and it give me such a better understanding of the habitat requirements of all the birds I saw (a diverse mix of habitats are covered over the course of the week if you pick the right trips). I left for this festival with a desire to get to know my warblers better, and I feel like that goal was reached. I knew that all the learning had paid off when, during the return trip home, I was able to easily recognize some birds that were still relatively new to me during a quick stop to do some road-side birding 30 minutes away from my house.

In addition to the immersive nature of the festival, there was also an insular feel to the event, which was not something that I expected going into it. It was as if we were in our own little birding heaven, giving thought to little else. Not much news from the outside world reached me during the week. I heard about the killing of bin Laden on Monday morning, but other than that, I was removed from news. Nothing about the royal couple, nothing about this reality personality or that movie star or this million-dollar company buying out some other company. I chose not to watch television or listen to the radio. This was my first true vacation from news media in quite some time, and it was refreshing! Even my social media contacts were limited mostly to other folks who were making Facebook posts about the festival. Yes, we were all right there together, talking face to face, but also communicating via Facebook. While social media (including the good ol' telephone!) kept me somewhat tethered to the outside world, mostly I felt like I was on a very special little birding island, where all I wanted to do was learn about and observe birds as much as possible, and that was okay with everyone around me.

As much as I birded, I didn't get many bird photos due to the constraints of my equipment. And while I birded hard, I also took time to appreciate some other aspects of my surroundings. I'll tell you more about that in upcoming posts.


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Eating Out

Eating Out by julian sawyer
Eating Out , a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr. All of a sudden the spiders seem to have grown up! Plenty of food around for them too but watching


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LowePro Pro Roller x200 Bag [REVIEW]

Overview The LowePro Pro Roller x200 is a bag that tries to be many things to many people. It has room to carry multiple SLRs, lenses, flashes, notebook, laptop and more. The main compartment also removes from the outer casing to allow the roller section to perform double duty as a checked bag or for [...]

Post from: Digital Photography School's Photography Tips. Check out our resources on Portrait Photography Tips, Travel Photography Tips and Understanding Digital Cameras.


LowePro Pro Roller x200 Bag [REVIEW]


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Still life

I really think this wraps it up in terms of posts about my trip to West Virginia (I can't believe it's only been a month since we returned home - it seems like it was an eternity ago, somehow!). There are still some images I'd like to share though. I'll let them tell you the story of how lush and beautiful the hills of West Virginia are, and how magical they can be after it has just rained and everything is still dripping wet and bursting with life. Enjoy.

Fern getting ready to unfurl

Leaf of a Wild Ginger plant - perfect symmetry

The saddest-looking Squirrel Corn flower I've ever seen

That's a long way down for a snail...

Wild Geranium flower, in repose

An example of the diverse flora on one tiny swath of hillside

I kept my distance from here, thank you very much. A large arachnid lives within.

Fern Study, I

Fern Study, II

Almost in bloom...

... and in full flower

These images remind me of the cool, damp spring morning that it was when I took them, something that sounds positively delightful now that the weather is starting to heat up.


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Northwestern Fjord Sunset

Sunset in Northwestern Fjord, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Here is the view from the boat from our second nights anchorage last Saturday night.� We had some nice light the next morning as well – what a great trip!� This was our first nights stop:� Aialik Glacier.


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Strike The Pose

Strike The Pose by julian sawyer
Strike The Pose , a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr. It is always good when you stumble across a bird or animal that is happy to be in your company.


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Look Around You

Sometimes you just need to LOOK


While out for the day with a friend we walked around some old buildings. Suddenly I looked up and saw this vignette. So the question is What part of it is REAL and what parts of it are NOT? 

Learn to look all around you and then when you think you found the image, turn around and look BEHIND you.

This image was enhanced post processed with Nik Filters. But there was no Photoshop used at all. Just the image.



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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photopreneur?s Big List of Stock Photography Sites (categorized)

The Internet now contains thousands of stock photography sites, giving editors a huge choice of image sources, and photographers a wide range of outlets for their images. We?ve checked sites and pored over lists to produce our own guide to stock photography. We?ve broken the sites down into subject categories but it?s likely that many [...]


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Discovery on a fallen tree by the river update

With the Otter proving to fast to capture in the current position facing the log I decided on mounting a camera facing towards the end of the log allowing for a better area of capture and hopefully the sensor will pick anything moving over the log.


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Bird of the Week ? Week 84 ? Familiar chat

The Afrikaans name for the Familiar chat is “Gewone spekvreter” which means “Common fat-eater“, a strange name that it apparently earned during the 1800′s when the Voortrekkers were migrating northwards from the Cape of Good Hope with their ox wagons and these little birds made a habit of feeding on the lard that was used [...]


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Baltomore Oriole, Ontario, Canada

I was looking through some pictures from my Canada trip of a few years ago and came across the beautiful Baltimore Oriole. This stunning looking bird gives its name to the American football team the Baltimore Orioles. The bird lives … Continue reading


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Boot Camp III Assignment #2: Results

Results from Assignment #2, in which you were asked to choose a local object, significant to your community to photograph.

In addition to a plethora of beer photos (quelle surprise!) some pretty cool stuff came back upstream from all over the world. I'm also guessing some of you have newfound respect for the NatGeo photographers who often have to tell the story of a place with photos of things? Read more �


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Part Two

Image Thumbnail
Part two of 'A Little bit of English Countryside' Wilstone Reservoir. A favourite of mine, the local birders, and the birds.


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Roosevelt Elk on Gold Bluffs Beach

Roosevelt Elk herd on Gold bluffs beach
I have to say this was probably one of the stranger things I have ever seen. � There are a few areas of Redwoods National Park that are typical grassy meadow habitat, typical elk habitat.


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