Sunday, 25 March 2012

Is the D800 the best 35mm DSLR ever?

DxOMark, which rates camera sensors, has released their results of sensor tests from the D4 and D800. The results for the D800 are astounding. It has the highest rated sensor of any camera ever rated by DxoMark.

Check out the results here. Have you pre-ordered a D800 or D4? If so, what do you plan on shooting primarily? I'm intrigued to see that the D800 has great low light capabilities for sports and concerts, as good as the D4. Too bad the file size will be so large that the CF card won't be able to keep up with shooting at max FPS...

PS. I'm a big believer in the whole photographer being more important than the camera theory, so if you're not a good photographer, this camera isn't going to make you a better one. But if you are a good photographer, this will certainly help your photos reach new heights. 


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