Friday, 23 March 2012

A New Dawn Danced Along the Treeline of the Grove~

Two weeks ago we had a nice snowfall, producing beauty all around us. This past week, we have had summer like temperatures in the eighties! It was certainly a very mild winter, and with spring now upon us, it seems like summer stepped in already~ The beautiful Norway Spruce sits quietly just across the lane from me and I can enjoy the beauty, looking out my kitchen window~ The large tree in the middle is the tree, is just outside my living room window and it is where 6 years ago the Red-Shouldered hawks placed their nest, and every year I hope they return, but not yet ;(~ The sunrise brought a sunny glow to Tingsgrove and it was glorious~ This was all that I could see of the sun, as it rose from the east, looking onto Tingsgrove from my great room window~ Bill placed a fence around our 2 acres 32 years ago and this old post has seen better days, but I love the way it has weathered many storms and still remains~ Lastly, but not least is my favorite image from the morning, just 2 brief weeks ago.


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