Thursday, 29 March 2012

Photographers on Twitter

For the past year or so, I've kept a repository of awesome photographers on Twitter - and today, we hit a really fun milestone: 2,000 photographers!

The list of Twittering Photographers can be found here, on Twittogs.

How can I join in?

Adding yourself to the list is easy: Simply follow @Twittogs on Twitter. As long as you keep following Twittogs, you'll be kept on the list. If you want out, simply unfollow @Twittogs again, and you'll be removed soon after.

If you want your Flickr to be listed separately, that's pretty easy too: Simply do an at-reply to Twittogs with the URL to your Flickr stream, like this:

Hi @Twittogs, please add

Every 24 hours or so, the little Twittogs robot checks its @replies, and adds the new Flickr accounts and Twitter followers to the list.

Check it out, and follow some awesome photographers on Twitter!

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