Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Inspiration - Great Christmas Read and Creative Gift


BARNES & NOBLE | Rethinking Digital Photography: Making ...

Here are a few reviews:

"This is just a wonderful book. Full of all sorts of innovative and original photographic techniques to explore. It functions in about equal measure as both a detailed manual and an inspirational guide." - John S  - Denver, Co.


“It's wonderful to see that he continues this tradition and encourages the reader to experiment, play and experiment." - AndyG  - Baltimore 


"Playful and Inspiring! - I found Rethinking Digital Photography to be an incredible resource for creative ideas. As a self-employed graphic designer and photographer, I'm always looking for innovative ways to create unique images that add excitement to my commercial work." - Bryan H. - NY


"This is a fun read with lots of good ideas to stimulate your creativity. Well written and clear instructions highlight the many experiments using any type of film, digital or no-lens cameras. Very worthwhile!" - zpuskas


"It's easy to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to photography. Getting the mechanics right takes some time, then gradually developing your own style and expertise takes some more time, usually quite a bit more. By then, the tendency is to want to get better at what you do, photographically. So landscape photographers take more and (hopefully) better landscapes, Flower shooters hone their macro skills, and portrait makers usually stay within those boundaries.

But sometimes it's good to venture outside your own corner of the picture-maklng world, and just have some fun. Try something you heard about, but didn't know how to get started. Re-visit techniques you've tried before, but put aside and need an expert to show you what's new. Mr. Neel's wide-ranging book will (re) introduce you to a multitude of ways to increase your artistry and enjoyment of this limitless medium." - Argieay


"I pre-ordered based on description and was not disappointed... This is a great book for anyone interested in experimentation and photography... This should prove very useful for teachers and workshop coordinators... lots of ideas to get things started... shop the yard sales and thrift shops for old cameras, projectors etc and go to town!!! I have used it for some fun projects with my daughter while home-schooling and look forward to just turning it over to her to take off with..." RDoyle


"Rethinking Digital Photography is an exceptional book and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to expand their digital toolbox. Bought the book after seeing that it was chosen by the Library Journal as a Best Book 2011. It is loaded with playful ideas and many new concepts to kick-start the imagination. This book has given me a new perspective on digital images and I am excited to begin using these new techniques." - BKillingsworth - St. Pete, Florida 





Source: http://www.pixiq.com/article/Inspiration%20-%20Great%20Christmas%20Read%20and%20Creative%20Gift

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