Sunday, 16 December 2012

Maine Osprey 2011

My brother has been getting in to photography a lot lately and found an awesome spot for Osprey in Maine. There's a river and a run of fish going on now, and well, the river's pretty narrow and there's lots of fish and osprey. It's an awesome spot.

A half hour's walk through the woods and then there it is.


In a few days I've gone a few times and spent quite a few hours there. There are all show with a 500mm handheld and cropped some...

The spot is setup pretty nicely, by late morning the light is working its way to the side of the river and behind the spot to shoot from.

While there my brother and I were both initially put off because of some hikers and people fishing there along the river. But after a while, I realized that by this not being an untraveled spot the osprey are actually more accustomed to people being around. / Jon


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