Tuesday, 1 January 2013

fun with Goldcrests

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arrived on the Lincs coast to a bit of an avalanche of thrushes with 1500+ Redwings, 600 Blackbirds, 300 Song Thrushes and 300 Fieldfares but only 3 Goldcrests by 10:00 am when they suddenly started to appear in the saltmarsh thoroughly soaking and looking very drab - as they worked their way into the scrub they soon improved but it was a wet and dismal day when it never seemed to get light; at about 11:20 a warbler flew in off the saltmarsh and landed briefly 200m away in some low marram and rose - as it sat for a couple of seconds on top of a sprig a huge super and oily uppers plus yellow tinged underparts yelled Radde's then it dropped out of sight -- as I made ground towards it it flew another 100m into another clump of rose but before I could get another view it upped and flew 800m into some dense elder and buckthorn -- I spent the next 6 hours looking but never found it again; Goldcrests built up to 100, there were 80+ Robins, 15 Ring Ouzels, 2 Woodcock, Meally Redpoll, Woodlark, 5 Chiffs and a seemingly Siberian Chiff a couple of Blackcaps, 20+ Brambling but no bluetail and no OBP and no Pallas's or Yellow-browed making it another frustrating Lincs day but the Goldcrests were fun with no light and the bare 300 2.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Wildlife-Photography-Blogs/~3/GxtoFHWOvac/fun-with-goldcrests.html

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